Calvi Holding


Calvi Holding S.p.A. holds equity investments in several manufacturing companies with specific focus on metallurgy and mechanics. Since 2004, Calvi Holding S.p.A. has been committed to creating value based on a network model, which develops synergies to provide its clients with products and solutions that are increasingly innovative and competitive.

Calvi Holding S.p.A. controls and coordinates eleven companies operating in the manufacturing field, in particular in the metallurgical and mechanical industries, with headquarters in Italy and around the world, highly specialised in metal deformation (steel, alloys, titanium) and in the supply of lifting systems for forklifts. As a result, Calvi Holding S.p.A. established its position as a recognised global leader in the metallurgical and mechanical industries over a short period of time, continuing to develop the network-based model that forms the basis for all its projects. Innovation, interaction and competitive cooperation between industrial businesses, supported by extensive know-how in second-tier manufacturing technologies, currently represent the strategic assets that underpin Calvi Holding S.r.l’s mission and success.
origine-logo The Calvi Holding S.p.A. brand applies to the corporate image of the whole group. Today it is recognised throughout the world as standing for technology, know-how and quality. The logo represents a stylised strand, i.e. the drive transmission that was historically used in the cylinders of rolling cages. It is a direct reference to metallurgy, the Group’s main business. It also encompasses a key element in the corporate identity that is shared by all the subsidiaries in the Group.