The metallurgy business is Calvi Group’s core business: over the years, Calvi Network Special Steel Profiles has achieved the position of undisputed market leader in the field of technology and in the design and manufacturing of special steel profiles based on customers’ specifications.

This milestone has been reached as a result of the innovative, shared and efficient use of different technologies in the fields of hot and cold rolling: extrusion, rolling and wire drawing. The metal forming service provided by our companies has many applications in a wide range of sectors, including: materials handling, automation and general mechanics, cars and motorcycles, defence, energy and the environment, construction and infrastructure, aerospace.


Year of foundation: 1950 Number of shapes designed: ca. 5.000 Technology: cold drawing Main application fields: linear guides, textile industry, automotive, machine tools, firearms WebSite: www.calvi.it
Year of foundation: 1905 Number of shapes designed: ca. 6.000 Technology: hot extrusion Main application fields: Aeronautics, energy, nuclear, mechanic WebSite: www.cefival.fr
Year of foundation: 1921 Number of shapes designed: ca. 2.000 Technology: hot rolling Main application fields: automotive, mechanic, agricultural machinery, building WebSite: www.falcisrl.com
Year of foundation: 1913 Number of shapes designed: ca. 20.000 Technology: cold drawing Main application fields: energy, pulp&paper, firearms, oil&gas WebSite: www.fiav.it
Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles
Year of foundation: 2016 Number of shapes designed: about 12.000 Technology: hot extrusion Main application fields: construction industry, mechanical engineering, plant engineering and construction, railways, architecture, power plant industry, materials handling industry, vehicle building, agricultural machinery WebSite: www.hoeschsep.com
Year of foundation: 1905 Number of shapes designed: ca. 30.000 Technology: cold drawing Main application fields: segment for water pipes, automotive, firearms, energy, pulp&paper WebSite: www.rathboneprofiles.com
Year of foundation: 1972 Number of shapes designed: ca. 5.000 Technology: hot extrusion Main application fields: railways, automotive, energy, nuclear, lift trucks WebSite: www.siderval.it
Year of foundation: 1981 Number of shapes designed: ca. 1.500 Technology: cold drawing Main application fields: special hinges, automotive, mechanic, firearms, textile industry WebSite: www.sipaspa.com