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IMG-20180510-WA0010The Community of Pink Profiles, born within Calvi Holding, wish to promote the identity and professional development of women and to foster diversity within the group –be that diversity of gender, culture, professional background, etc. – and to harness it as a strategic asset and a driver for growth and development for the group as a whole. This diversity can in fact act as a catalyst for innovation and for change.

Calvi Group is not only an industrial synergy aimed at profit, but also the possibility of human synergy, opportunities for personal development. Pink Profiles aims to become a meeting place, an opportunity for growth. Within the framework of a corporate culture that values diversity as a growth factor, it intends to promote – among other things – female empowerment and attract female resources to the metallurgical industry, which is a historically male sector. Today and more and more in the future, thanks to the transformations brought about by Industry 4.0, the female presence in the steel industry is destined to increase progressively.



Calvi Holding SpA is associated with Valore D


Valore D is the first association of companies that promotes gender balance and an inclusive culture for the growth of companies and the country.

Founded in 2009 from the meeting between twelve managers of twelve virtuous companies (AstraZeneca, Enel, General Electric, Johnson&Johnson, IKEA, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Standard&Poor’s, UniCredit and Vodafone), today the association has 190 member companies, which together have over 1.5 million employees and 550 billion euros in turnover.

These figures tell the story of Valore D’s constant commitment to diversity and inclusion. We are well aware, in fact, that if valued, it generates different generations and cultures and brings innovation, competitiveness and therefore growth to the company.

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