The industrial vision of Calvi Holding S.p.A. is based on a holistic approach to the market, that features specific strategies according to the different levels and business areas.

Calvi Holding S.p.A. operates with the sole objective of ensuring that its business model is highly competitive. Strategic consistency is guaranteed by specific guidelines, which all subsidiaries must adhere to in setting their own business plans, whilst maintaining full autonomy in terms of implementation. Control by the Holding translates into Calvi Holding S.p.A. approving their annual budgets and three-year business plans, and well as monitoring management trends.

Calvi Holding S.p.A. organisational structure makes it possible to achieve economies of scale, while allowing each of the Group’s companies to use their resources to manage their core business.

Key Steps

In the last 16 years Calvi Holding S.p.A. has pursued on-going development, based on a focused growth plan, where each step has been and continues to be directed at ensuring the brand’s excellence and competitiveness.